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Commonly Asked Questions

After years of experience, we have found that there are some questions that every bride has when they begin to look for a wedding cake. Listed below are some of the most popular ones that we get.

Q. Do your cakes taste as good as they look?
A. You bet! We are well known for great taste. We continuously get thank
you notes commenting on how delicious & moist & flavorful our cakes are.

Q. Can I choose more than one flavor?
A. Yes. With a 3 tier cake you may choose 3 flavors. With a 4 tier cake, choose 4 flavors.

Q. How much will the cake serve?
A. We use a cake "standard" used in the industry to determine serving size.

Q. Is there an additional charge for the use of the "set-up"?
A. No. Price includes the use of the "set-up".

Q. Is there a deposit required?

A. Yes, a minimal deposit holds your wedding date and the use of the "set-up".This deposit is then given back once the "set-up" is returned.

Q. Do you cut the cake?
A. No, sorry! Normally someone in the family or a close friend does the deed.

Q. Do you freeze your cakes or are they frozen?
A. No, cakes are made fresh to order along with the frosting.

Q. Do you make Groom's cakes or specialty cakes?
A. Yes, We do Groom's cakes and/or specialty cakes to meet the customer's
needs for that special day.